The successful career of Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a prominent Brazilian rally driver. He was born in 1973 in Sao Paulo to a former sportsman and sports manager Jack Terpins. In his youthful days, Jack Terpins was a distinguished basketball player. Rodrigo Terpins, the elder brother of Michel Terpins, is also a rally driver. Both of them are known for participating in some of the biggest off-road races in Latin America. Together they have created the Bull Sertoes Rally team. They normally participate in various editions of the Sertoes Rally. One of their recent participation was in 2014 during the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally.

Rodrigo Terpins has Fabricio Bianchini as the navigator and co-driver while Michel Terpins has Justo as his co-driver and navigator. Rodrigo and Fabricio have participated in the 2003, 2005 and 2009 editions of the Sertoes Rally. On the other hand, Michel Terpins and Justo have participated in many recent additions, one being the 25th.

When it comes to motorsports, speed is the most revered thing. The sport sees stiff competition with many drivers failing to maintain long and successful careers. Exceptionally talented individuals fail to succeed for over a decade, but Michel Terpins has done. Currently, he is 40 years old and still going on strong.

Michel Terpins has excelled today as a car rally driver. He started in the motorcycle category in 2002 when he officially joined the car rally sport. In the early days, it was rare for him to feature on the podium although this changed as he gained experience. Today, he’s one of the drivers who has won many car races in Brazil. For the recent years, he has been driving the T-Rex developed by MEM motorsport.

Michel Terpins and Rodrigo Terpins come across as highly successful rally drivers during the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally, where they emerged 5th overall. In the first stage of the tournament, they were leading but experienced mechanical problems during the second phase. They are today some of the best rally drivers in Latin America. Through their participation, the motorsport sector in Brazil has been growing tremendously.