TMS Solutions Offers Alternative Depression Treatment

TMS Health Solutions has developed alternative treatment options for patients of depression who have so far not seen any progress from traditional anti-depressant medications. TMS Health Solutions has recently opened a new facility in Northern California to better meet the demands of its patients. There is a new center in San Francisco, and that brings the total amount to four. They are all staffed by highly trained specialists and physicians in the field of mental illness. They include Sasha Bergeron, Richard Bowdle, M.D,Oana Galicki, M.D, and Chief Mediacl Officer, Dr. Richard Bermudes.

Many sufferers of depression are treatment resistant. Over 40% of depression sufferers do not find relief with the traditional combination of anti-depression medication and some sort of talk therapy. Even if some of the traditional medication works, it can have unbearable side effects that negate any positive results they might have. Some patients experience a wide range of side effects to medication. There are a variety of anti-depression medications, and some times it can take weeks to find the correct brand and amount that will help a patient.

TMS Health Solutions has created a therapy called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). This applies localized electromagnetic pulses to the brain. These stimulate the part of the brain responsible for feelings of depression. It is minimally invasive, and the only mild side effect might be a mild sensation while the TMS is being administered. The sessions last from 30 to 60 minutes, and they are conducted over four to eight weeks.

The staff at TMS Health Solutions are also fully trained in traditional anti-depression treatments, and they can still be used in conjunction with TMS. It is an out-patient treatment, and patients can continue with their normal routines immediately after TMS has been given. TMS Health Solutions also offers care for patients suffering from OCD, pain management, and memory disorder.