Victoria Doramus’ Career in Digital and Print Media

Over a decade, Victoria Doramus has been working in the field of digital and print media. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado, BA in journalism. She has since worked with companies such as Creative Arts Agency, Stila Cosmetics, and MindShare. She gave attention to advertising and branding. Other times were utilized in TV and Film field, giving her a chance to grow in marketing and trend analysis.

Other than professional duties, Doramus is engaged in charity work as well. Among the charities she is dedicated to are; Best Friend and Animal Society and Amy Winehouse Foundation. She is dedicated to philanthropic work, exhibiting the desire to see others succeed the same way she has.

Work Experience

Victoria Doramus had all along exhibited distinct interest in the area of communication. She also has an interest in art and history; time was set aside for history and development of art from the period of ancient Greek to the current. Being a digital and print media expert, she also has an inclination towards creativeness. Clients have been satisfied with her work. She began working at Mindshare as an assistant media planner. In this position, her responsibility was to work with clients and vendors to bring forth branded content, establish and maintain relationships with media managers. Victoria also worked at Stilla Cosmetics where she had an opportunity to learn about campaign projects.

The consumer trends expert also faced a few challenges amidst gaining substantial experience. Her thorough background in the profession made it easier to combine new areas. She managed to increase sales, acquiring new businesses for Tendera files. She is the mind behind Tendera brand, supervised the workers to ensure the content was within the required standards.

Writing is what Victoria does without much effort yet is part of her career life. As a freelance writer and ghostwriter, she worked for Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan and USA today. She also participated in the writing of books such as “A Century Fashion” (Bloomsbury, 2012).

Personal challenge

You may be deceived by the many successes, that Victoria Doramus never had challenges. She had to fight through drug addiction for a long time but eventually overcame. She has authority to talk to those going through the same problems. Her experience through the process of recovery is the major drive towards helping affected people.

Future plans

Victoria Doramus believes that being industrious, being focused and staying humble is all you need. Her future plans entail establishing a halfway house in New York City for people fighting addiction.