Victoria Doramus Supports Animals In Need Of Love

Victoria Doramus may be a success in the marketing world of New York, but she also knows what it’s like to struggle with addiction and to have to come back from nothing. Fortunately, she was able to come back from the bottom by accepting responsibility for her life and working hard to achieve the goals that she had made for herself. With this success came a desire to help others, and this includes more than just those who have been addicted to drugs.

One of the organizations that Victoria Doramus is most passionate about supporting is the Best Friends Animal Society. Each year, unwanted pets throughout the United States are put down in kill shelters because nobody adopted them. The first to go out of these pets are the old and the ill as they are the least likely to ever be adopted. In some cases, these animals are put down just days after entering the shelter.

For Victoria Doramus and Best Friends Animal Society, this practice has to stop and all pets need to be given a chance at life and being loved. Feeling love is not just something that humans need, it’s something that animals need and deserve also. Best Friends Animal Society works to get animals the medical attention that they need so they can be adopted or fostered into loving families.

Even if an animal is old and sick, creative marketer Victoria Doramus believes that they deserve to be loved and appreciated. The Best Friends Animal Society hopes that one day they will achieve their dream of no animals being put to death in shelters in the United States. While they may not have achieved their goal in its entirety, they have certainly made a difference with their efforts. The non-profit started in the 1980’s with just a small group of friends that decided to take some animals from shelters to a place where they would be able to heal and live. These efforts have expanded greatly. If you are interested in helping Best Friends Animal Society, Victoria Doramus implores you to consider making a donation to the organization.